Friday, July 21, 2017

Hope for a pool area?

The biggest project for this year has been to redo the pool area for a series of reasons.
This we wished to have it done before the bathing season.
Of course, it didn't become like this at all... :-)

The work, which we initiated (well mostly Mattias) by tearing down the infamous cocktail bar, has started officially just 10 days ago.
This consists of the following steps:

  1. Remove all the tiles from the pool, fix the layer under them and raise the level of the tiles to the roof height.
  2. The joint between tiles
  3. Joint the tiles with some concrete-similar material, to reduce the weed 
  4. Build a concrete foundation for a little house, for which we have got some form of authorization to proceed from the municipality authorities (a very formal one wasn't needed, since the building is quite small, but we wanted to be on the safe side with documentation and stuff).
  5. Build the walls ourselves, using second hand old tiles and recycling windows and doors from the "Baltiska Villan" which got tore down.
  6. Reusing our tiles leftovers for the roof, build a roof.
  7. Use the house as changing room combined with a toilet.
Now, we have step 1 and 2, ongoing, with other minor gardening tasks.
Tiles around the pool have been removed 
Work ongoing

After, the east side of the pool has the tiles well placed and a new slope towards the garden, instead of tiles, will have grass (maybe?;D)
 As side activities, we are trying to remove some old firewood from behind the pool. Big pieces of wood has been left lying on the ground. There is a big lime tree and it is no good if the roots are "suffocated" by heavy material.
It turned out that most of it is rotten or full of insects, so it will be thrown, but still, we need to clean up the jungle behind there.
We thought of moving the firewood behind our garage, so a proper stapling of the existing stuff had been started.

Firewood in abudance

Behind the garage it now looks better. Still a lot of work to remove weeds despite last year attempt.

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