Saturday, May 26, 2012

Atomic bathroom

Right now we are spending a lot of time imagining how the bathroom should look like.
But it is hard...very hard, especially considering how it looked and how it is looking right now.

This is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house. Or at least, when the house was photographed for being sold. The reason why we have decided to tear it apart is that the well (?) where the water should go was not ok according to the current standards and infact, it was hiding a very fancy rusty pipe underneath.
Considering that the bathroom was "ok" but a bit boring, we decided to change it all.

Bathroom from the 90s
The interesting aspect is that, like with the wallpaper, one could find layers of tiles!!! So, one did have to remove the first layer and also the second layer, clearly from the 60s (we have the toilet on the first floor looking exactly the same). Nice way of "renovating" a toilet. If one is too lazy: just put stuff on top ;-)

The 60s layer
It is also amazing that the old structure from 1910 is intact (it is the wooden surface protected by plaster and tini little pieces of wood) despite this being a bathroom: there could be signs of humidity but we haven't found any so far. I bet that now that I wrote this year we will get plenty...
Innovative way of building
And the question is now: how will it look hopefully before we turn 40? :)

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