Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Graffiti & Newspapers

Last week, the "excavation" work continued. As mentioned in the previous post, the most interesting aspect of this "phase" is to dig into the layers that have been put on the walls. It seems like the house is a big onion ;-)
Somewhere, under the vävtapet, you find some old wallpaper, then, you find another wallpaper, then you find two layers of newspapers from the 50s, then you find another wallpaper and finally, you find the wall with maybe some color on (which is hard to understand).
It is a pity that it is not possible to identify which was the original color/wallpaper/state of the rooms, but I hope that my "historical investigation" will maybe help us there.
Nevertheless here there is some onion room:

Some object was on that wall there...
Here you can ready some newspaper
Under all the layers
Under one layer, some interesting jugend-style wallpaper. But I know that in the 70s there was something else on top!
The most amazing discovery was made in the guestroom and in one of the children room, which according to a drawing from the 50s were sharing a door. It seems that the kids, 1958, decided to draw on the wall before that got painted.
It is quite tempting to keep them as "historical artefacts" ;-)
Is it Evas hand 1958 - 9 års hand 1958 or something else?

They surely did like horses!
Guess what!
The piece of art


  1. Io proporrei di mantenere i "graffiti" originali della stanza dei bimbi... non si sa mai che a Isa venga in testa di mettersi a disegnare sui muri...

  2. Bella idea! Se non fosse che a guardarlo, il muro si sgretola ;D

  3. Nästan som att upptäcka grottmålningar... fast mer modernt! Undrar vad de barnen gör nu.

  4. I hope to find out what they are doing ;-P *stalker*