Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sockets & switches

It is very interesting that one can spend very much time on a small detail like a switch or a socket, when restructuring/renovating a house.

As per today, considering that soon (or relatively soon) the walls will be painted, we are busy trying to think how we want such things to look like. Honestly, when today I was walking in the house, I have noticed that there are too few switches in each room. It will be annoying like hell to turn on a lamp in the bedroom, then have to turn on the nighttable lamp and finally go and switch the lamp, since there is no other switch in the room. However, this gives some flexibility on the furniture placement for now and the future.

Another little issue is that, even though we would have had the wish to save items from the previous owner, we have realized that there is a nice mix of black/white and different shaped items, which makes our nose turned up.
We are therefore planning (at least, it is nice to have a creative and ambitious plan that we might not be able to follow) to "standardize" all of them in the two main floors.
Considering the "history" of the house, we should go for porcelain as material.
Porcelain switch from Byggfabriken

However, such items are incredibly expensive (and possibly fragile?). Another option, would be to use bachelite, which was however used during the 20s and 30s.
Bachelite dimmer from Byggfabriekn
But also here, unfortunately, we come to the same conclusion. They are too expensive, indipendently from where the item comes from. Several shops have them, like for example ByggFabriken.

We think that black will give therefore a sensation of "old fashioned", although most likely, in 1910 they were all white and we will go for plastic...for saving money! Renova has a collection that resembles the shape of the ones above.
Plastic switch from Renova
When thinking about this, there is also another detail to evaluate, which is not only how the component looks on the outside, but also how it is the electrical part configurated. This is still under discussion and I very much hope that we don't have to do major changes considering the stadium at which the painting preparation is right now


  1. I'd suggest checking what you want to achieve with an electrician. Adding switches to control lights from multiple points not originally configured might imply the need for new wires being deployed in the existing channels, etc...
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the good suggestion. However, we are afraid it is too late for that kind of work! :-(