Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We are about to choose a wallpaper that we would like to have in the connection room between the small bedrooms and the bathroom. Until few days ago, the room had a 70s wallpaper, on green colors. On the floor a fantastic fitted carpet still on green tones. We decided to tear off both wallpaper and fitted carpet since I really don't like carpets like that and the wallpaper, although not too bad, was badly placed. Now, what to choose? We are thinking to try to get back to the original style of the house, as much as possible, although with a bit of modern touch. Today, there are tons of wallpapers to choose from and there are some companies that provide some "old style" suggestions (in different colors).

This is right now our favorite so far (but we haven't really had the time to go through the options):
Vallmo from Boråstapeter

But yesterday, I stumbled upon this one:
Rowan from Villa Nova
Another option is this one (and there are others, but I am not very convinced of those in that specific small room), although maybe I would think it would suit better in another place.
Nerdgården from Duro
Let's hope we soon find the type to actually think this through. Time is ticking and we have to decide very soon!

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