Monday, June 4, 2012

Cooling down

We have got just one week of "heat" and now we are in winter mode again, so we are not trying to cool down for that.
Maybe, instead, we are trying to cool down since the house project has become enormous, problems have started to appear from several small and big corners and right now, maybe we should get our heads cooled down :-)
However, we have not only to pack, but also to start to think of some furniture we need to buy. At least some essential piece. Among which: the fridge and the freezer.

The house was equipped with this fridge/freezer. A Liebherr KSD 203 (somebody interested in buying it? It is on sale on Blocket ).
Liebherr KSD 302
But this doesn't fit our needs. We need a bigger freezer and honestly, this piece above doesn't fit the kitchen style, whatsoever!
In fact, we think that black will suit the kitchen very much:
The kitchen as it was in 2011
We really liked some models from Miele, initially, which was available in black, but then disappeared from the market:
Fridge from Miele
We searched for environmental products and ended up checking the brand Gorenje, which was having a very interesting price. But it didn't inspire us at all when we went and look at it at the shop. Also, the reviews were not that positive.
Black fridge from Gorenje
After a lot of searches, we finally ended up checking Husqvarna-Electrolux and, after a quick visit at the Electrolux Home shop, we decided to go for it. The fridge has a very nice cooling functionality, that makes it possible to have the same temperature in the whole fridge, and not just closed to the back wall. The freezer doesn't need to be defrost any longer, which is a relief, since I end up always postponing such operation.
The fridge QR2560K, from Husqvarna Electrolux
The freezer QT3560K, from Husqvarna Electrolux

Now, the "problem" is welcoming in the fridge/freezer in a not ready house...

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