Monday, June 11, 2012

A touch of color

We are now able to have an idea of how things are going to look like (if we exclude the fact that we have no idea how to place furniture, if our furniture fits or what we need to buy) since last week they started to paint the walls.
From the pictures below, it will be obvious that we surely are not following the main scandinavian trend of white, white and even more white everywhere. With maybe some black item. But mainly white.
"We spat on white" (what a lovely metaphor) and obtain a very nice rainbow of colours, as you might have read in this post by Mattias.
Crazy? Quite much, but at least original in this white mass ;-)
The master bedroom - unfortunately, this color is possibly wrong (Karolina, from Beckers)
One of the small bedrooms (Alexis, from Beckers)
The guestroom (Stina, from Beckers)
Isabella's rooms (Johanna, from Beckers)
The dining room and the living room (I think Robin  and in the background Peder, from Beckers)

The studio and in the background the living room (Mikaela and Peder, from Beckers)
Please, do note that they haven't yet finished to paint :-)

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