Friday, June 15, 2012

Some glimpse of the garden

I should have started the "thread" on the garden much long ago. From April, when we got the keys to the house, the garden has changed a lot.
It is because we have done any major refreshment in the garden, but because spring has come and now we are soon entering summer and lot of flowers have bloomed and some have already withered. And some others, are preparing to bloom and fruits are appearing in some branches.

This is what we found in April in the garden:

This is how the Mahonia Aquifolium looked in April. It screamed: prune me!
In April, the peonies were sprouting once again
Some hyacinths were then blooming...
...with some narcissus
The muscari are peeping through the chelidonium majus, dreadful weed
A lonely chionodoxa luciliae eaten by some insect
A cute vinca crawling on the ground
And at the end of the month of April, this is what we could "dig out".
A frittillaria imperialis, bloomed powerfully and withered in an instant
A suffering Bergenia managed to bloom
Chaenomales japonica is painting the veranda corner of red (and pushing down a  poeny plant)
A ribes sanguineum a "dream" of italians gardeners
The first cowslips appeared
And the first tulips started to show off
In an unorganized pattern

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