Friday, February 13, 2015

In the entryway...

About one year ago, we were "almost" ready with the invasion of relatives for our first Christmas at home. Thinking of how many people we should have been, we were planning to finally put a form of clothes hanger.

We did manage to put one, but we didn't manage to put the other one that is in our entryway and that is supposed to be the "main one" for guests, at least.
We ordered the combo hat rack and shoes rack at Sekelskifte (the link shows the shoes rack). Both are in jugend style, a copy of some original piece, with beautiful detail and a very robust construction. Since our entrance has green and oak details, we asked that the metal details would be painted in green and the wood should be oak. The delivery was then scheduled for the end of January.

On top of that, when we finally (every step takes few days here) measured which was the max possible length, it turned out that both needed to be cut off to 80 cm from 120 cm.
Task that ended up being on our shoulders, and we know, we are always good in handling yet another task in our enormous to do list.

Mattias finally sawed the wooden bars this autumn (!) and when he mounted everything, it turned out that the sawn ends were definitely too light in color and they looked pretty weird. At least, for us that knew about where to look.

After searching high and low the right oil to use (thanks to the kindness of the Sekelskifte staff), I did decide to end the pain of looking at those ends and eventually paint/oil them.

Oiling the ends
So, after one year, we finally have a shoe and hat racks in our entryway, ready to be used by our guests!

The shoerack

The hatrack

Welcome in Villa Bellevue!

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