Thursday, February 12, 2015

Linen cupboards

I have been quite bad in updating this blog properly as I wanted in the past years, but sometimes I have also felt that the subject I could lift up is not that interesting.
The case is valid also for this post, but since it is nice to share a bit also of the interior of our house and not just the painful renovations, I have decided that it is worthy to try to write about that.
The result is not as glamorous as other more raffinated blogs (like Villavagen3) but maybe I can learn from her (possibly, as start, I'd need a better camera...)

Now, the problem is where to store the kids clothes.
The kids room are equipped with "built in" closets (under the roof, with doors). This is very good but it is best for hanging clothes and not having them folded somewhere. At least, that is how I do with all their t-shirts and trousers/skirts.
Linen cupboards are best and in Sweden, one can find some nice wardrobe that is called drängaskåp, a cupboard for the farmworker.
Why this cupboard has specifically that name, it is unknown for me. My guess is that the farmworker didn't have too many clothes and was happy to have a small wardrobe like this style.

A linen cupboard bought at Bukowski market from the beginning of the 1900

The linen cupboard in Isabella's room, next to the built-in wardrobe.

A big drängaskåp bought on Blocket, which amazingly enough had a color matching the wall in Oscar's room

The built-in closet in Oscar's room

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