Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jugend furniture

It is now almost an year and half that we have got hands on some piece of jugend furniture thanks to Matilda and Anders (note, Matilda is one of my sisters in law).
We really don't know where the furniture comes from originally, but it was placed in the house that they purchased, which is a funkis house, so it has nothing to do with jugend.

The set is consistuted by one sideboard, one cupboard and one closet.
Thankfully it has not been painted in white - quite common mistake done in order to follow the shabby chic fashion (yes, some things are indeed pretty in that way), and they are in a quite decent shape.
Unfortunately, we got a layer of tiles hardening oil on them, but so far the damage given by that seems to be minor.
The sideboard with vases from Oscar & Clothilde and one from Indiska

The cupboard was impossible to photograph. 
It will be funny to find items to place on the sideboard and cupboard. For the moment, there are some temporary ones but I will most likely relocate everything.
The closet located in our guestroom
One big issue that we have been having for over one year has been the key. We found while cleaning the furniture a small piece of what was once upon the time a key. With that though we couldn't do anything.

The piece of key
We visited few key shops in Malmö and we go redirected to one which should have been able to provide what we were looking for: three proper keys copied from that leftover. 
Unfortunately, for one long year, everytime we tried to contact them, they couldn't get an hang of the material since the wholesaler didn't deliver it. 
Well. We got tired of such an excuse and during our Christmas trip to Italy, we went to a shop and got three brand new keys made in iron. Was it really that hard to fix?

Detail of one of the new keys and the sideboard decorations

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